Almi srl is going to participate to Italian Fashion @Collection Premiere Moscow (CPM Moscow) in Russian, held on September 3-6, 2019, it is going to show a new Summer collection 2020 with a new brand "alessia calamita". The participation in the fair will be in occasion for: to meet new market such us Russian, which last years is always more attracted of Italian fashion; to improve the own brand identity; to do networking using the possibility to meet interested people in own business; to change knowledge and to know how with other companies of the same business; to know new possible customers or to gain new commercial contacts. This activity is going to be financed in part from Puglia Region with conception of one contribution to the lost fund, thanks to funds indicated from "Fund P.O.R. Puglia 2014-2020, Azione 3.5 Voucher Fairs 2018/2019".